Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Where we are dedicated to helping you achieve a secure and comfortable retirement.

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We understand that planning for retirement can be overwhelming, which is why we are here to provide personalized advice tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are just starting your retirement journey or looking to enhance your existing plans, our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way.


Priscilla Johnson

Co-Founder | Insurance Professional

Priscilla Johnson is an insurance professional and co-founder of Simply Stated Retirement Solutions. She guides her clients to and through retirement by keeping it simple. Priscilla came to the industry in 2008 and quickly realized that a core failing of the financial sphere is that it's filled with double-talk and industry jargon when what people really want is a straight answer to the questions that keep them up at night. Breaking down complex topics into actionable advice became what set her apart from other financial professionals. Because her clients constantly come to her with unique and intricate questions, Priscilla continuously educates herself on a range of issues, from retirement tools like annuities and life insurance to essential medical concerns like long-term care and Medicare. Her goal is to gain a comprehensive view of her clients' needs and goals, then come up with viable strategies to help them retire their way. Priscilla's goal is that her experience can help make an impact on the lives of her clients and the community as a whole.

Priscilla is a San Antonio native but has considered Beaufort, South Carolina, her home for many years. A former member of the United States Marine Corps, she met her husband, Jay, over 24 years ago when they were both stationed in California. Together, they have two children—Madison, a student at Kansas University, and Chase, a high school student. The family loves to enjoy the subtropical wilderness of South Carolina with activities such as mountain biking and hiking.


Jay Johnson

Co-Founder | Financial Advisor

Jay's journey to becoming a financial advisor began with seeking guidance for his own retirement plan. Despite receiving reassurance from his advisor that he was on the right track, Jay felt frustrated by the lack of transparency in their assessments. This experience motivated him to enter the field himself, determined to help provide his clients with a clear and detailed roadmap to a prosperous retirement.

With a background as a former captain in the United States Marine Corps and a manager at GE, Jay brings a meticulous attention to detail that helps him provide a detailed financial analysis to his clients. He excels at simplifying complex topics, ensuring that clients understand without getting lost in industry jargon. Jay's goal is to help his clients feel confident in their retirement.

Jay holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Nebraska, an MBA from Colorado State University and has passed the Series 65 securities exam. Beyond his professional pursuits, Jay cherishes spending time with his family — he has been happily married to Priscilla for over two decades, and they have two children, Madison and Chase. Their furry companions include Jack the terrier mix and Kitty the cat.

In his leisure time, Jay finds solace in fishing in the Lowcountry and fly fishing in Wyoming. He stays active through weightlifting, running and mountain biking. When it's time to unwind, you can often find him strumming on his guitar or enjoying quality moments with loved ones.

Keep It Simple

The road to retirement shouldn’t be a winding path filled with twists and turns. Take control of your financial future today by scheduling a meeting or registering for an upcoming event and start enjoying life on your terms.

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